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Cosmetic White Fillings to repair that chipped or broken tooth !

White direct composite restorations are a simple, affordable alternative to repair teeth compared to veneers and crowns.

Veneers and Crowns can be costly and usually require cutting of the tooth to prepare it for the veneer or crown. Often a broken or chipped tooth may be repaired by avoiding a veneer/crown and instead repairing it with a direct composite filling. The procedure involves adding white composite filling material to the tooth and building up the tooth shape. It is a conservative and comfortable treatment option because the composite is bonded to the tooth thereby avoiding any cutting of the tooth whenever possible. This benefit of sticking to the tooth also helps ssupport the remaining tooth structure.

As your local cosmetic dentist, we offer Modern Minimally Invasive Dentistry to repair broken or decayed teeth. Our Tooth Coloured Composite Fillings are a cost effective alternative option to veneer and crowns. Fees for cosmetic white fillings are on average approximately £120 per tooth compared to veneers and crowns which average approximately £550 per tooth.

Before treatment the front tooth had been chipped. 

Repair chipped front tooth

Result after building the tooth back up with a white  filling. 

Treatment was carried out on one visit.


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