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Life as a University Student …university

Knowledge for your health …

University life is a wonderful time for young people to gain knowledge and develop into responsible adults. Making healthy choices during these years will have long term benefits.

Many teenagers and young adults are leaving home for the first time to go study at University.

With the fun and partying of Freshers week over, they’re now hopefully getting down to focusing on their studies and gaining knowledge.

Students can be at higher risk to developing health problems due to changes in their lifestyles while at University. Lifestyle changes can be due to living away from home, feeling they have the independence to do what they want, or giving in to peer pressure. Knowing the risks and effects on health can often help avoid making bad health choices.

Alcohol Consumption

Too much alcohol can increase the chances of getting heart disease, liver cirrhosis and cancers including mouth cancer. Statistics suggest oral cancer diagnosis is six times higher in those who drink than non-drinkers. Acute alcohol consumption can also cause reduced saliva flow. Saliva is our natural defence to diseases such as tooth decay. Alcoholic drinks also tend to contain more sugar and are more acidic, which can lead to tooth decay and tooth wear.

Healthy Teeth 


Tooth Wear



Tooth Decay



Smoking can cause many of the same diseases as alcohol but also many more. Smoking and drinking combined increases risks to diseases. Smoking or chewing tobacco alone is responsible for 80-90% of oral cancer cases. Smoking can also cause gums disease, bad breath, discoloured teeth and plaque build up.

Unhealthy Diet

We are what we eat ! Students often eat poorly. This can be due to time pressures, stresses of study and workloads. Some may not be used to preparing and cooking meals. Eating a  healthy diet containing fresh vegetables, fruit, oily fish and pulses while avoiding processed foods high in sugar can keep energy levels high and  reduce risks to many general diseases as well as gum disease, tooth decay and tooth wear.

Inadequate Oral Hygiene Routine

Students who have late nights out often forget to clean their teeth. Plaque is a major cause of gum disease and tooth decay. Recent research studies show gum disease can put us at a higher risk to general health problems such as heart disease. One theory is that gum disease allows the bacteria that inhabit our mouth to enter the bloodstream and circulate around the body allowing them to settle in the heart blood vessels.

Research has also shown some links between gum disease and stroke, respiratory disease, head and neck cancer, kidney disease and diabetes.

Cleaning teeth effectively twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste helps keep plaque and bacterial levels low in the mouth.

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