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Cosmetic White Fillings to repair teeth …

White direct composite restorations are a simple, affordable alternative to repair teeth compared to more costly veneers and crowns. 

It is inevitable, our teeth will wear over time. However certain foods/drinks or habits such as grinding teeth can damage teeth causing them to wear away quicker. Once the hard outside enamel layer on the tooth is worn away, the inside dentine layer is exposed, which can lead to sensitivity. The dentine layer is softer than enamel and so it wears away quicker. Fortunately damaged teeth can be protected from further tooth wear as well as improving their shape and the overall smile.

At our friendly modern dental clinic, we offer cosmetic white fillings as a cost effective way to repair damaged teeth and improve the smile. The procedure involves adding white composite filling material to cover the exposed worn surfaces and build up the teeth. It is a conservative and comfortable treatment option because the composite is bonded to the teeth thereby avoiding any cutting of the teeth. Fees for cosmetic white fillings average approximately £100 per tooth, avoiding more invasive and costly veneers/crowns which average approximately £550 per tooth.

Before treatment the teeth appear worn and chipped. 

Repaired worn teeth - dentael dentist


Result after repairing the teeth using white fillings without the need to cut the teeth.

Treatment carried out on one visit with an instant improvement to the smile.

Repair worn teeth

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