Fill missing tooth gap / Replace missing teeth – Adhesive bridges by dentael dentist in Ealing, Perivale.

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Modern Minimally Invasive Dentistry to fill that gap !

Adhesive Bridges are a cost effective alternative to replace missing teeth compared to more expensive, invasive and time consuming treatments such as Implants.

An Adhesive Bridge involves sticking a false tooth to the natural tooth next to the gap. It is a conservative procedure that requires no surgery. Once it has been assessed an Adhesive Bridge is an option, the treatment is usually completed in 2 visits a couple of weeks apart. Fees for an Adhesive Bridge to replace one tooth are on average approximately £600 compared to Implants which average approximately £2000 per tooth.

If you prefer to avoid the time and cost of implants but would like to replace a missing tooth, visit us to see how we can help.

Before treatment two front teeth were missing. 

cosmetic dentistry ealing - adhesive bridges 2

Result after filling the gaps with adhesive bridges.

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