Close gap between teeth without braces – Affordable cosmetic dentistry in Ealing by dentael dentist

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Close the Gap !

Want to improve your smile but avoid the time and cost of braces or veneers?
White direct composite restorations are often a simple, affordable alternative to braces and veneers.

Braces are usually expensive, can take take months or years to complete treatment, and often are visible when smiling. These are some of the reasons why many people avoid having braces.

However in certain situations such as gaps between teeth, Direct White Tooth Coloured Restorations/Fillings can be a simple, affordable alternative to braces. Results can often be achieved in one appointment.

The procedure involves adding white composite filling material to the tooth to change the tooth shape. It is a conservative and comfortable treatment option because the composite is bonded to the tooth thereby avoiding any cutting of the tooth. Prices are from around £400 to close the gap between the top front two teeth, making it a cost effective treatment choice instead of braces or veneers.

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