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Worried about bad breath?… As your local dentist we’re here to help. bad breath dentist near me in greenford

Bad Breath Treatment Dentist near Greenford, Ealing – Our Dental Clinic provides solutions to help combat bad breath. 

Bad breath is very common. Sometimes a person may not know they have bad breath until they’re told, which can be embarrassing. Patients may also avoid visiting the dentist, due to fear. Research Studies have shown avoiding visiting the dentist is likely to lead to tooth decay and tooth loss.  If your looking for a Bad Breath Treatments Dentist near Greenford, Ealing then look no further. Your comfort is our priority and we’re here to help. There are ways to prevent bad breath.

What causes bad breath ?

Bad breath is also known as halitosis. It’s when an unpleasant odour comes from the mouth. The usual cause is smells released from the bacteria in plaque that coats teeth, gums and the inside of the mouth. Sometimes there may be food lodged between teeth. Other causes can be due to smoking or certain foods such as garlic or onions. Bad breath may also indicate gum disease.

What you can do at home ?

Effectively cleaning teeth twice a day to remove the bacteria plaque will help eliminate bad breath and control gum disease. Teeth should be cleaned using a small headed toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. Electric toothbrushes have been shown to be more effective in plaque removal.  Since the bristles of a toothbrush are unable to reach in between teeth, and tooth decay and gum disease can be more difficult to treat in these areas, it’s important to follow toothbrushing with interdental cleaning using floss or brushes. Interdental brushes can be used where there are spaces in between teeth large enough to allow an interdental brush in. Floss should be used where teeth are without spaces and tight together. Patient’s struggling with floss may consider using an alternative device used for flossing similar to using an electric toothbrush. An alcohol free fluoride daily mouthwash may also be beneficial.

No matter how well you may be cleaning at home, a visit to the dentist is essential to combat bad breath and maintain a healthy mouth.

How we can help ?

When you visit our dentist, we check the inside of your mouth including your teeth and gums. If you suffer from bad breath, we can help work out the cause of it and treat it appropriately. Plaque and tartar build up is a common cause of bad breath and gum disease. Having your teeth professionally cleaned, removes the plaque and tartar giving you an immediate fresh mouth feeling. So that you maintain the results, we let you know areas where you’re missing when cleaning your teeth. We show you the correct techniques for toothbrushing and cleaning in between your teeth and individually recommend oral hygiene products that will help you to remove the plaque.

Having your teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis will help to prevent gum disease and bad breath. Visit the dentist regularly for a professional cleaning to remove plaque, tartar and staining. It’s important to keep up with your maintenance dental visits to maintain your smile.

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