An attractive Smile is always remembered …

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday or anniversary your smile can easily be improved for that special occasion.

At dentael we offer General and Cosmetic Dentistry.


Your smile is often the physical feature that’s noticed the most when meeting people.
At dentael dentist, we want you looking your best, so try to visit us at least a few months prior to your big day.



Dental Hygiene Services

A professional cleaning will help remove all those unsightly stains and give you a fresher, brighter smile for that big day.

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Teeth Whitening

This is a safe and conservative way to whiten your smile. It can also help to reduce white or brown spots on teeth visible when smiling. 

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Professional Teeth Whitening


Chipped or worn teeth can often be repaired by white tooth coloured fillings giving you an instant improvement on your smile. Gaps between teeth may be closed and it can be possible to improve smiles by recontouring teeth.

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To benefit from our services please call to book your appointment  … or submit online appointment request form and we will contact you.

“ Very professional and caring service.

 High standard and clean environment. ”

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