Mouthguards to protect your Smile & for your comfort …

Teeth can be damaged by trauma during sports or worn away by a habit of clenching or grinding. A teeth grinding or clenching habit may cause headaches or jaw pain.

At dentael we offer custom made mouthguards to protect your teeth from damage.
Sports Mouthguards 

Whether you’re a schoolchild or adult, a custom made sports mouthguard should always be worn for sports that involve physical contact or moving objects, so as to prevent traumatic damage to teeth and jaws while playing. An impression is taken of the teeth which is used to construct a close fitting mouthguard. This allows a better fitting and protection than a boil and bite mouthguard.

sports mouthguard

Mouthguards for parafunction ( bruxism )

Clenching and grinding teeth can often be due to stress, and may cause headaches and jaw stiffness, as well as tooth wear. Once the outer hard tooth enamel surface is worn away, the underlying softer dentine is exposed. Dentine will wear away faster than enamel and can lead to tooth sensitivity. Specific mouthguards can be used to limit damage to teeth caused by tooth wear due to clenching or grinding and help relax tension in facial muscles thus providing relief. To read more about jaw problems click.


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