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Modern Minimally Invasive Dentistry to fill that gap !


Adhesive Bridges are a cost effective alternative to more expensive, invasive and time consuming treatments such as Implants.

As your local cosmetic dentist, we offer Modern Minimally Invasive Dentistry to replace missing teeth. If you prefer to avoid the time and cost of implants but would like to replace a missing tooth, visit us to see how we can help.

On the case below the natural tooth was loose and had to be removed. The tooth was then shaped and fitted to fill the gap. This type of bridge using the natural tooth average fee is approximately £400. The Fees for a porcelain Adhesive Bridge to replace one tooth are on average approximately £600 compared to Implants which average approximately £2000 per tooth. 


 Before treatment a front tooth had come out. 

Result after filling the gap with an adhesive bridge using the natural tooth.

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